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eClean: responsive Drupal theme

About a week ago I released a new Drupal theme, that is built with HTML5/CSS3 and is responsive, which means the layout get changed depending on which screen resolution the visitor has. It is the theme you can see on this site now. Test this site in a mobile phone and you will see the responsivity.




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Drupal Camp Stockholm 2011

Now DrupalCamp has kicked off!

I'm sitting on an interesting session about "Responsive design med Less Framework 4.0". The speaker explains how to customize a website to work for both computers and mobile devices... You can read more about Less Framework on http://lessframework.com

Read more about this session on http://fall2011.drupalcamp.se/sessions/responsive-design-med-less-framew...

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New website

Hi everybody!
After 5 years I have pleasure to replace my old flash site with a new built with Drupal CMS. The idea behind this site is to make a blog about technology and web development.

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